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AX Series

Xtreme quality, performance and technology.

GK/Indoor/Junior Series

30% Carbon Range

Unleash raw power with 95% MDCS Carbon

Developed with composite experts

All the looks. All the quality.

The Alien Tech range is here.

Goalkeepers need good sticks too!

Created to perform and excel.

Designed in the UK. Made by experts around the World.

Protection. Practicality. Purpose.


Performance & Protection

AX Series

Hyper-Performance Sticks

AT Series

60% Carbon Range

C16 Series

Power to the Max!

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X3 PowerCurve 24.5mm Low Bow Profile. 95% M.D.C.S. Carbon, 5% Aramid.  £209.99 Probow 24mm Mid Bow Profile. 95% M.D.C.S. Carbon, 5% Aramid.  £209.99

United Kingdom


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